Our story…

On a hike in Big Sur California back in the early 2000s I was contemplating an idea that I believed would make a useful product for marketers. Having previously been a CMO with a technology company I understood that marketing departments had more strategic stuff to do (aka revenue contributing activities) than the distracting yet necessary administrative tasks of researching events to attend, finding speaking opportunities and awards to apply for, tracking down analysts and their briefing policies, maintaining media lists and their contact info, monitoring when their company and competitors are mentioned in content, measuring their brand's share of voice, knowing what conferences competitors attend and what and who is trending day-to-day. Yet, that is exactly what every marketing department must do to market effectively.

What a time suck and productivity waste!
Hmmm. What if someone aggregated and kept current all of this information, put it onto the web and sold access to it at a fair price? That’s a product. So I set up shop in a guesthouse (more like a shack) in the Santa Cruz mountains, hired a grad student from UCSC, an engineer and got started building what would soon be called HRmarketer. Seven months later we launched our new product at SHRM Annual. It was a hit. Fast forward many years and. . .

Our software is now called advos, is mobile friendly, has an advocacy and collaboration platform, social marketing and influencer marketing tools and some pretty sophisticated business intelligence reports. And, we've expanded beyond HR — advos software can now be licensed for any industry. A lot has changed but one fact has not. We continue to foster a culture of innovation with a steady stream of new features and functionality being introduced.


Mark Willaman,
Founder and CEO


Mark Willaman

Founder and CEO
Interests: music, nature, fitness

Monica Meyer

Chief Operating Officer
Interests: my greyhound, gardening

Igor Ryabinin

Head of Software Development Team
Interests: music, fitness, (always) tech.
Kathy White

Kathy White

Head of Bookkeeping and Finances
Interests: gardening, DIY projects

David A McInnis

Chief IT, Software and Technology Advisor


Office Dog and Head of Morale
Interests: treats, sleeping, more treats

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Advos software

Advos marketing software delivers strategic information, intelligence and tools that enable companies to make smarter marketing decisions and achieve greater marketplace visibility and reputation. Companies can more efficiently allocate their marketing spending to better connect with sales prospects and other key marketing targets, which ultimately helps reduce customer acquisition costs. Advos includes marketing planning, business Intelligence, news distribution, social marketing and sales tools, as well as a collaboration and advocacy platform that enables companies to leverage their team members to amplify the company brand. Advos software can be implemented to any marketplace and industry. For information on adapting advos to your marketplace, contact us at sales@advos.io.