Connects 360 Unveils 'Political Power Up' to Revolutionize Campaign Strategy

July 10th, 2024 12:00 PM
By: Advos Staff Reporter

Connects 360 has introduced Political Power Up, an omnichannel solution aimed at enhancing political campaign strategies through a mail-centric approach integrated with digital platforms.

Connects 360 Unveils 'Political Power Up' to Revolutionize Campaign Strategy

Connects 360 (C360) has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Political Power Up omnichannel solution. This product is designed to empower political candidates in the upcoming Local, State, and National elections by enhancing engagement levels, amplifying campaign visibility, and driving impactful results.

Political Power Up is a mail-centric solution that leverages the full potential of direct mail initiatives while integrating seamlessly with digital platforms. The solution aims to maximize the reach and effectiveness of campaign messages through a combination of traditional and modern techniques.

One of the standout features of Political Power Up is its ability to maximize impressions. A single direct mail piece can generate 10 to 20 times more impressions across social and online channels, allowing candidates to reach a diverse audience and ensure maximum exposure and engagement. The solution utilizes nine innovative technologies to extend campaign reach, including social media integration and QR codes.

William Brennan, President of Connects 360, says, “Political Power Up represents a significant leap forward in campaign strategy. It’s a game-changer for candidates striving for victory.”

A case study highlighted the real impact of Political Power Up. A House candidate in the 2024 election experienced amplified messaging, deeper voter connections, and success at the polls, demonstrating the solution's effectiveness in delivering results.

Connects 360 is committed to empowering political candidates by understanding the complexities of modern campaigning. Political Power Up is dedicated to driving innovation and fostering meaningful connections between candidates and voters.

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