A great employer brand is a wonderful thing. It positions your organization as the company where top talent wants to be, the benefits of which are remarkable:

  • Improved recruiting
  • Improved employee retention and engagement
  • Higher revenue and lower costs

It’s no wonder why 68 percent of the “world’s most attractive employers” have employer branding strategies in place as of 2017, and of those that don’t, 76 percent plan to develop them, according to the ERE Employer Branding Now survey.

There are many components to effective employer branding—a few examples include creating a standout employer value proposition (EVP), consistently applying the EVP messaging to all talent sourcing and customer contact points, and developing quality content that supports the EVP.

Another critical element: building and sustaining an employee advocacy program, which is the most effective way to communicate and promote your employer brand. In this article, we:

  • Define what an employee advocacy program is
  • Explain the power of employee advocacy
  • Discuss the benefits of effective advocacy programs
  • Reveal three keys for building an effective advocacy programs
  • Provide nine steps for getting started
Get More People Talking About Your Brand

You have a great brand! You’re passionate about it. And others are too – when they know about you. Advos helps your team become catalysts to spread the word about your awesome company.

Download (no registration required) our article in PDF format “How an Effective Employee Advocacy Program Can Help Your Employer Branding.” Chapters include:

  1. What Is an Employee Advocacy Program?
  2. Why Is Employee Advocacy So Powerful?
  3. What are the Benefits of Effective Employee Advocacy Programs Aside from Employer Branding?
  4. What Are Key Strategies for Success with Employee Advocacy Programs?
  5. Get Started with Employee Advocacy
  6. Employee Advocacy: Content is King (why)
  7. The Importance of Advocacy “Groups”
  8. The Role of Employee Advocacy Software

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