What are some of the ways you measure marketing success? These are some of the ways we measure success.

  • Positive and active engagement with your brand
  • Favorable media coverage
  • Speaking at events
  • Published content
  • Winning awards
  • Securing analyst briefings
  • Recognition from influencers
  • Employees actively engaged with your brand on social

Check out how some of our customers find success with HRmarketer.


Trust us, advos will be your biggest lifesaver. We use it ourselves.

Debbie McGrath
CEO, HR.com

Imagine having a CRM that's pre-populated with every major industry influencer, analyst, and news feeds from over 1,000 of the most important blogs and content in your industry? That's an indispensable secret weapon for marketing. That’s advos.

Jonathan Duarte
Co-Founder, GoHire

advos has done exactly what I don’t have time to do - study my market down to the analyst, conference, major theme, and what topics are trending and for what industries. And notify my sales team when any prospect in their pipeline is mention in industry content or at conferences. 

Ewing Gillaspy
Worldwide Research Leader, Watson (A.I.) for Talent — IBM